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This subject is rather complex, but understanding it is crucial to our survival through our Immune System, which grants us a healthier and more productive life!

Antioxidants are molecules that neutralize Free Radicals (Oxidizers), which are by-products of oxidation of nutrients in our bodies, and prevent them from contributing to damaging chain reactions within our cells. Of course, let us understand that the energy that our cells derive from comes directly from the consumption (oxidation) of fuel, which are basically the nutrients and oxygen that we constantly take in. In this Oxidation Reaction, or Redox for Reduction of Oxygen, there are waste products that are produced. These by-products, as mentioned before, are called Free Radicals or Radical Damage.

One of our cell's most routine tasks in life is to neutralize and remove all Free Radicals. So, to effectively accomplish this prime responsibility, each and every one of our cells produces its famed antioxidant called "Glutathione", which is our body's principal antioxidant, and is also an Immune System builder, Detoxifier, Energy Booster and Balancer by regeneratng mitochondria at cellular level, and has Anti-Aging effect on our bodies! Its deficiency has demonstrated to contribute to oxidative stress resulting in the pathology of many diseases!

Glutathione, more specifically, Glutathione Sulfhydryl (GSH), is a triceptide, or protein, made up of three Amino Acids, Glutamic Acid, L-Cysteine, and L-Glycine, which are found in all of our ICEBERG Products along with the most important antioxidants known to science. This momentous endogenous antioxidant, which is produced in our cells is used to prevent oxidative stress in our bodies, and helps to trap Free Radicals that would damage our DNA and RNA. Scientific research has subtantiated a direct correlation between a reduction of Glutathione concentrations in intracellular fluids and the speed of aging. Consequently, as we all age, the level of this wonderful antioxidant deteriorates, and our ability to detoxify Free Radicals decreases.

Glutathione (GSH) is the Grand Master Antioxidant. In addition to its adeptness to neutralize Free Radicals in our cells, it also has the capability of recycling other exogenous antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and the likes back to their active forms! This is the main reason ICEBERG Products are so intensely directed to this issue of not only providing our cells with all the proteins necessary to generate Glutathione, but even fortifying them with a grand supply of all the Vital Exogenous Antioxidants! This means when an antioxidant such as Vitamin C is done nullifying Free Radicals, Glutathione, this amazing protein, would recharge them by donating them a Hydrogen Ion to repeat their duties of negating these Oxidized Molecules (Free Radical) again and again! Consequently, if our cells are high in proteins, then Glutathione can continuously assist all of our antioxidants intakes to superbly do their jobs maintaining and/or boosting our Immune System around the clock!

Glutathione is an endogenous entity so, as far as those individuas that wish to improve their level of this protein is concerned, please, do be advised that there is very little scientific evidence that taking supplemental Glutathione, whether it be intravenously, via aerosol, or intramuscularly, or any other methods, would provide you with any kind of benefits. Therefore, as scientists, we can only suggest that the most efficient manner of accomplishing this task is to simply provide your bodies with the best Natural and/or High Quality Supplemental Products of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and as much antioxidants as possible to allow your own cells to produce all the Glutathione it needs! Consequently, to assist you in achieving this mission, we are providing you with the subsequent information.

First and foremost, do make sure that your diet contains adequate amounts of Natural Proteins, which are made of Amino Acids, on a daily basis. Or, do take sufficient amounts of them via Very High Quality Dietary Supplements. These are specifically to induce our internal Glutathione Manufacturing System to engage in the production of this Grand Endogenous Antioxidant! A Great source fo these Amino Acids is our own Pharma Quality ICEBERG Products! If looking to other supplements, please do make sure that the three primary Amino Acids of Glutamic Acids, Glycine, and Cysteine and present in their formulas and are absorbable! These are the primary raw materials necessary for our cells to manufacture this wonderful protein! It is crucial here to mention that L-Cysteine, one of the three basic amino acids necessary to produce Glutathione, is relatively rare in food. Attention must be made in its intake due to the face that if released as a Free Amino Acid, Cysteine is toxic and spontaneiously catabolizes in our Gastrointestinal Tract and Blood, which would harm us. Therefore, do be careful while taking its Acetylcysteine (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine or NAC) version, which is considered a Drug and has significant side effects, including its efficacy or usefulness peaks very quickly, and has to be administered several times per day, which in itself would cause toxicity!

After meeting your daily Amino Acids quota, your subsequently undertaking is to look into your quotidian Exogenous Antioxidants consumption. These are available in Natural Products as well as Very High Quality Dietary Supplements forms, such as ours, which in particular comes in a 100% Absorbable Effervescent Format! To assist you in the field of Exogenous Antioxidants, or antioxidants derived from outside sources, and a neccsity for good health, here are some exceptional examples:

1) Vitamin C
2) Vitamin E
3) Co-Enzyme Q-10
4) Vitamin A
5) Beta Carotene
6) Zinc
7) Manganese
8) Selenium
9) Turmeric
10) Green Tea
11) Gingko Biloba
12) Red Grapes
13) Fruit Juices
14) Tart Montmorency Cherries
15) Black Currants
16) Garlic
17) Berries
18) Tomatoes
19) Asparagus
20) Spinach
21) Broccoli
22) Mangosteen
23) Resveratrol
24) Pycnogenol
25) Bioactive Whey Proteins
26) And Much More!

Of course, do make sure that the folloiwng Co-Factors are also available:

1) Selenium Salts
2) Vitamin B1
3) Vitamin B2
4) Vitamin B6
5) Vitamin B12
6) Folate, Folic Acid - Vitamin B9
7) Vitamin C
8) Vitamin E

At this point, it is of utmost importance to understand the significance of High Quality Absorbable Dietary Supplements! First, the quality must be at its very best with the least amount of impurities, and preferable of pharma Quality. Second, do make sure that it is of an Effervescent Form. The reason behind this technology is its immediatly potential to be absorbed by the body. Of course, its scientific formulation is of utmost significance in this reality!

ICEBERG LABS Effervescent Formulations are as perfect as scientifically possible! All of our proudcts are conceived with the notion to be of utmost health benefits. They all contain 14 Amino Acids, and as much Antioxidants as you could ever need, and much more! All of our products are formulated to be 100% absorbed within the first 5 minutes of their consumption, due to their perfect "Ph Neutral" status, "Fully Buffered" characters, constructed with the "Smallest Possible Molecular Structures" which will allow their constituents to be immediately "Ionized" as inserted into a liquid for your prompt intake! Plus, they are made of the highest quality raw material available possible!


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